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Top 7 Stranger Things Fun Facts You Might Not Know

Making its heavily action-packed story line very appealing is how Stranger Things mixes the 1980s with modern day with a seamless and immersive environment. Some of these elements of this show blend surprisingly well! Here are top 10 fun facts about Stranger Things you might not know!

1. Over 1000 kids auditioned for the show!

With 1213 child actors auditioning for the show, 906 boys and 309 girls managed to find a place on Stranger Things. According to producers at the time of casting, Gaten was accepted with immediate after viewing his audition tape.

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2. Stranger Things was almost called something else!

Top giving Facts The show, titled “Montauk”, was originally going to be called Montauk, a town in which government conducted psychological experiments. The rural fictional town, Hawkins, Indiana became the setting for Stranger Things supernatural storyline. Not sure if we’d like to visit and given the creepy monsters and stuff.

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3. The same goes for the Upside Down, too…

It was originally going to be called the Nether, which sounds a bit like Netherlands but has nothing to do with our European neighbours.

Top 10 Stranger Things Fun Facts You Might Not Know

4. Indiana Jones inspired Chief Hopper’s hat!

When David Harbour asked to be a part of the series he wore a fedora and claimed it gave empirical evidence that he looked like one hundred percent more heroic. Maybe.

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5. A lot of people watched Stranger Things 2 in one day!

When season 2 of Stranger Things was released, it revealed that 361,000 people streamed the entire thing in 24 hours; 19.17 million watched the first episode on Netflix when the show was released in October 2017. That’s a lot of people watching TV through their fingers at once!

Top 10 Stranger Things Fun Facts You Might Not Know

6. Finn Wolfhard filmed his audition tape in bed!

Finn, who plays Mike in Stranger Things, was not feeling well when he tried out for a role on the show. Even with a fever, he nailed his audition!

Top 10 Stranger Things Fun Facts You Might Not Know

7. There could have been a different Eleven!

Millie Bobby Brown almost quit acting before the show was chosen, but in the end she didn’t. When the Stranger Things hit our screens back in 2015, we couldn’t imagine anyone else playing Eleven.

Stranger Things 4 tung teaser trailer bí ẩn về quá khứ của Eleven


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